Steps to an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is highly regarded because it has a higher ROI than other marketing strategies. It is estimated that for every dollar spent, email marketing has a return on investment of $40. At the start, creating a good email marketing campaign can be very difficult. However, with practice and use of right techniques and tools, it is very easy and effective.

Email marketing software

email marketing 6t1You should have special software that helps you to manage all email marketing campaigns. This type of software is called an autoresponder. It provides an effective way of gathering, delivering, monitoring, and reviewing your emails. It is nearly impossible with a regular email program such as Webmail, Outlook, and Gmail.

Planning your marketing emails

It is advisable to have an action plan before you start sending email marketing campaigns. Consider your niche, products, offers, and what your audience wants to read. Ensure you test every email before sending it. Check whether grammar, spelling, and links are correct. At no time you should let the subscribers discover errors. Every email ought to focus on a single topic. Avoid complicating your message by covering a broad range of topics in a single email.


As far as email marketing is concerned, credibility is an important resource. Thus, if you are doing affiliate marketing, ensure you are only promoting products which you believe in. If you recommend inferior products, your subscribers will no longer trust you. Avoid sending continuous offers to the lists. Instead, send only useful information. If you can provide a lot of value to the subscribers, the more they can open your emails whenever they land in their inboxes.

Subject line

email marketing 667It is estimated that a third of subscribers only open emails after reading the subject line. Therefore, exciting lines can boost the open rates. Moreover, they can be quite risky if they cannot mirror whatever is presented inside. Words such as “Last Chance,” “Limited Time Offer” used in subject lines can considerably increase the open and click-through rates.

Sales funnel

It takes about eight emails with a potential buyer before he or she makes a buying decision. The email remains to be a great way of sending such communications. The autoresponder software sends out emails on auto-pilot whenever a prospect joins the list. This is called the sales funnel. It is a set of steps you undertake to move your potential customer into purchasing from you.